Monday, March 13, 2017

Co-working with God

As you pray and display God's kindness
in practical ways, watch for God-given
opportunities to share His love.
They can come up suddenly with
such perfect timing that it's hard
not to believe that you are
co-working with God.

Simplicity and sincerity:
Following God's Lead

Instead of dreading evangelism as something
that will make you a bother or a bore,
you will find yourself following God's lead
with timely authenticity and 
heartfelt sincerity.

Confidence to be His story-teller

Because you've been praying along with
God's Word and heart, don't be surprised
to find that ideas to creatively convey
God's love occur to you.

As you pray God's story, you will find
confidence to tell your own story to
communicate the Gospel in fresh,
relevant ways.

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