Monday, March 6, 2017

For those far from God

Intentional prayer for neighbors, friends or co-workers
will set you to "seeking" or watching attentively, for
people who are distant or alienated from God.
In Jesus' words, they are "lost" to God.

Beyond known needs:
Pray your way into their story.

We are accustomed to forming our prayers
around needs or requests.  People don't always know
what they really need and therefore may not request prayer.
That's why we pray for our neighbors and neighborhoods
even before we have been asked to do so.

Pray with Scripture

As you learn to pray with Scripture, you will be
praying your way into the great story that God is
unfolding in families, businesses, neighborhoods,
peoples and cities.  God will fulfill all that He has
promised.  That's why we can pray in hope for others.
The daily topics in "Seek God for the City 2017"
will give you ways to envision what great things
God desires to do in our city.

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