Sunday, March 12, 2017

Seeking God for the City Makes a Shift

This devotional 40-day season has two parts.

During the first 11 days we've been seeking God's face - claiming Zechariah 1:3, "Return to me... that I may return to you."  It is today that a shift happens and the devotions will nudge us to seek God's kingdom.

I hope that you have found God in face-to-face nearness over the past 11 days.  As you turn your attention toward him, his love will examine you - lifting and changing you.

To seek God's face means that we are coming to God.  To seek God's kingdom means we are callling for God to come to us.  We want his presence moving in our homes, neighborhoods and throughout the entire city.  We may not be able to do either without doing both.

We pray with this in mind over the balance of our 40-day devotional: "Not all times are equal.  Sometimes God make it possible for an entire people to make a u-turn back toward him."

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