Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Congregational Letter

Dear Church,
Our Hanfield family had a vision years ago for reaching the Bend of the River Neighborhood for Jesus. More recently we celebrated the collective gifts God gave us through the Hanfield and God’s Grace ministries that led us to establish a second Hanfield site, the BORN Campus. Early in 2017, BORN Campus leadership asked us to consider participating in a different kind of partnership with them, feeling this would allow them to minister more effectively to the BORN community. After months of prayer, study, struggle and consideration, the Administrative Council, made up of congregants of both campuses, voted unanimously on October 10 to commission BORN as a new church. This church-to-church partnership is scheduled to replace our current campus-to-campus partnership effective January 1, 2018.

In light of our recent sermon series at Crossroads, a correlation with Paul and Timothy is appropriate. Both were called to make disciples and, for a season, partnered closely in this responsibility. A point came when Paul and Timothy recognized that while God was still calling them to make disciples, God was also calling them to change their relationship as they fulfilled that call. Their partnership shifted from serving together in every capacity to blessing and supporting each other to follow the individual visions God had given them. In like manner, we want to commission our family at the BORN Campus as the BORN Church.

It is with gratitude to God and to both campus congregations that we recognize the successful commissioning of a new church. God exceeded our expectations! While we envisioned a second site, God granted us a second church!

Moving forward, we want to recognize that this church-to-church relationship is an ongoing, supportive partnership where each church is welcomed to offer support to the other.

Kingdom Partners,

Rev. Tim Helm            Rev. Chuck Vernon            Mr. Scott Hoeksema

Senior Pastor                      Campus Pastor                            Administrative Council Chairman

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