Monday, November 27, 2017

10 Practical Lessons - Preview (Zero of 10)

Preview of a 10 Week Series:

We often focus our attention on attaining success in life – having a good job, saving up plenty of money, and having a nice house, car and other possessions might be long-term goals, but we might start with having lots of friends or winning at video games.

The prevailing culture indoctrinates us on this path from an early age. The world is already training up children in the same way.

But is this how we should live? Is this how children should live?

There’s a world of difference between success – which is often an external definition of our lives for public consumption – and happiness – which is more about how we truly feel on the inside.
Because the world encourages us to seek success so diligently, we almost need to have an entirely different mindset in order to find happiness.

Along those lines, we'll take 10 weeks to talk about things we should tell students – and ourselves – about how to find true happiness in life – even if financial success never comes your way.

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