Sunday, December 24, 2017

From our Christmas 2017 Congregational Letter

Dear Hanfieldites,

“Good News!” That was the cry of the angels on the first Christmas night. It’s still our cry over two thousand years later! Hanfield is actively proclaiming that same Good News to our community and we have other news that is good too! After months of debate and delay, we have secured the rights to the architectural plans we had drawn up through the process of preparing to build! The Building Construction Committee will begin meeting again in January to tweak these plans for a building that better meets our needs while staying within budget. It is our hope that during these winter months, we can get those plans finalized and build in 2018!

When we began dreaming for this building and implemented the fundraising campaign, we did not anticipate the complications that would arise. In review, the original bids for construction ballooned into something that we could not afford with what we had raised and we had to reevaluate. The project was then rebid, but then we were informed that we no longer had rights to the blueprints. And the waiting began.

If we are completely transparent, we hate to wait. Quite often we say things like, “I can’t believe this is taking so long” or "I don't have time for this.” That’s because most of us consider waiting to be wasting, but that's not the case with our God.

God works while we wait. Even when we couldn’t see what He was doing, God was always orchestrating the events of heaven and earth to accomplish His purposes. We’ve better learned how to trust in His unfailing love—love that moved Him to send a Savior from heaven to restore and rescue us. So, we’ve waited patiently and had to learn that waiting is never wasted when we are waiting on God.

During these long months of waiting you may have asked those same questions and wondered, like us, what was really happening. The Administrative Council, Trustees and staff continued to pray and invite you to pray with diligence and intensity. It is time to proceed! Whatever happens next in our building plans must conform to our mission to worship, connect, and serve in order that we will become Witnesses.

This season of waiting is coming to a close at the end of 2017 just as the Trust Movement does, too. We want to thank so many of you who gave sacrificially and have allowed us to be ready with a considerable building fund in place to begin these next steps. I hope that God has built your trust in Him in the uncertainty of waiting. Chances to add to the Trust Movement giving are coming to a close. What’s next? We know for sure that whatever comes our way will be groundbreaking (See what we did there?) because that is the character of the God that we serve. Let’s celebrate this good news in the midst of declaring Good News to our community. Now on to 2018 as we chase hard after God.

Witnesses to the Good News,

Rev. Brad Terhune Cris Bragg         Dave Brown
for the Staff for the Administrative Council         for the Trustees

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