Thursday, January 25, 2018

Highlights from leaders that are having to close churches:

Culture is changing whether we want to accept it or not.

It’s often better to approach and accept change at an individual level
before your try to change things at the corporate level.

Healthy churches are often acceptant, excited, and embracing of cultural change
while adhereing to the Gospel and orthodox tenets of the faith.

Healthy churches know where they have been (healthy nostalgia),
but are more focused forward by asking, "What's next?".

Small groups must be open to new people and
be disciple-making groups for a church to be healty.

You might be part of the dying church...

...if your response to change is always anger.

...if nostalgia is the focus of the majority of your church conversations.

...if you find yourself continually confusing methods and facilities with the Gospel.

...if you have little to no interaction with non-Christians.

...if you deflect blame onto the culture for your church's ills.

...if you refusal to see reality of this list in your church.

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