Monday, February 26, 2018

Our Sunday Morning Routine is Changing

The Reason:
                Our current format was established, in part, to give our church members opportunities to Worship, Connect and Serve each Sunday in a variety of ways over a variety of hours. There are some that have fully embraced that and attend a worship service, connect in an ABF and serve in another ministry area over a span of the three-time slots each week. Though, that is not the norm. Many come to two hours, but the majority is here for one hour. The prevailing feeling is that we need to explore another way to program Sundays while still setting us up for other positive engagement opportunities. A new concurrent model (as different from our current sandwich model) will allow for people from both services to interact with each other and see one another on site. It opens the possibility that dinners and fellowships held after concurrent services and classes will have more people stay due to the lack of time gap. It also builds the momentum of crowds interacting in closer spaces and timeframes to one another.
                This change is not without its own downsides, but we prayerfully believe it is a change worth making.

The Decision:
                The Administrative Council asked the staff to consider the options. The staff responded with a recommendation and the Administrative Council voted for it in the affirmative.

New Service Schedule:
8:15am                 An early opportunity for classes that do not need childcare for meeting. Also, a 
                             possible timeslot for Communion and Devotion for workers that may not get to 
                             attend a service that weekend.  Not published publically (i.e. online, 
                             newspaper or in official schedules after our intial discussions)
9:30am                 1st Service with concurrent Worship, ABF, Sunday School and Kid’s Ministries.
10:45am               2nd Service with concurrent Worship, ABF, Sunday School and Kid’s Ministries.
[All services and classes are scheduled for 60 minutes which allows for a 15 minute transition and fellowship period.]

                                February 25th – Announcement to ABFs
                                March 4th – Bulletin and Service Announcements
                                April 1st – Easter Services with the greatest attendance and
                                                   reach with new schedule info
                                May 6th – Transition to new schedule

Next Steps for ABFs and Classes:
                                Have a discussion and request which service (9:30am OR 10:45am) 
                                you’d like to meet during for your ABF or Sunday School Class. Once the 
                                requests are in, we will compare them to available spaces and get
        back with your class to set the official time and space prior to our 
        advertising push of the new schedule.
        (Place your request in the Drop Box or email them to

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