Tuesday, February 27, 2018

These prayer times will last 30-45 minutes
or as long as they need to last.

Are you a current leader? 

March 1st at 6pm with Shirley Saddler

Are you a part of Hanfield or want to join us?

March 6th at 6pm with Brad Terhune
March 7th at 7am with Brad Terhune

March 12th at 6pm with Jeff Brady
March 13th at 6pm with Jeff Brady

March 22nd at 5pm with Ronald Morrell

March 29th at 6pm with Tim Helm

Come to one or come to all.
You are welcomed and wanted.
All of these will be held at the church
and we will pick a room that fits
our size at each gathering.

There will also be our Annual Prayer Walk
held on the Courthouse Square on Sunday,
March 25th at 6pm with Shirley Saddler
overseeing the evening's prayer events.

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