Thursday, April 26, 2018

Church Sickness Warning...

Church Sickness: Hyper Activity Activation Syndrome

Overview: Hyper Activity Activation Syndrome happens when church members see busyness as the same as commitment and/or godliness.

Possible Symptoms Include:
Believing that being busy is most important to the Christian discipleship journey.
Battling other Christians to get your favorite 'Christian' activities put on the calendar.
Utilizing your checkbook and calendar to make sure people know how busy you are for god.
Inviting more people to your busy church activities and never asking, "Is this effective?".

Healing Steps to Take:
Be productive in Worship, Connection and Christian Service.
Wisely use your time and energy to make Kingdom differences.
Invest your time, talent and treasure in bringing honor to the name of Jesus.
Seek to be effective, not only busy.

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