Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Reviewing being in the midst of transition...

“A leadership transition can deliver one of the rarest organizational sightings: a robust pass from one leader to the next. It happens when the outgoing leader maintains integrity and focus. When the leader coaches the team on performance right up to the end, while setting their successor up for success.” - Sally Blount, "Leaving Well", Forbes Magazine

In February Pastor Tim announced that a succession plan has been approved by the conference. Rev. Curtis Banker will join Hanfield's staff as an appointed Associate Pastor beginning July 1, 2018. During this next season, the baton will be passed from Pastor Tim to Pastor Curtis with a planned 2-year transition of shared ministry.

How fitting that on that day of announcement we as a church began discussing a new service schedule and on that day the worship exhorted us to "Stand on the Promises of God" and trust that God is truly a "Way-Maker, miracle-worker, promise-keeper, light in the darkness," Pastor Tim preached a challenging message about God's favor and promises to extend through the left turns. We may be facing some unknowns in Hanfield's near future, but we are pursuing God, trusting that none of these are only human plans but are God-inspired plans, and that revival is continuing to bubble up.

We are questing together with Pastor Tim and all the people God brings to Hanfield to join the team in the Kingdom work.

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