Friday, September 28, 2018

God's Sovereignty leading to Holiness

Greetings Hanfieldites!

This past Sunday we learned about God's Sovereignty from Pastor Tim. What did you think of the intro video?

One great example of God's Sovereignty comes to us from the conversion of Saul. At the end of Acts 7 Stephen the martyr's sermon to the Sanhedrin, Saul stands witness to Stephen's murder as he holds the coats of the men who stone him. This begins a time of great persecution for the early Church in Acts 8, but in Acts 9 Saul meets the risen Lord, Jesus.

As a result of this blinding conversion, Saul eventually becomes one of the Apostles testifying to Christ being the Messiah instead of one of the ones persecuting the Church. Stephen's sermon becomes a foundation for much of Saul's theology as he proceeds to write nearly 2/3 of the books of the New Testament and plants many churches across the Mediterranean spread over up to four missionary journeys.

We serve an amazing, sovereign God who can use someone as despicable as Saul to become one of the premier servants of the early Church. No matter where you've been, what you've done or seen, or how lowly you may think of yourself, God sees a champion in you as He brings all things under His sovereign control. How will you respond to such a God? May Saul be an example - we respond to meeting Jesus with humility and then expend all of our effort for our Messiah. Amen and Amen.

We hope to see you at 9:30a or 10:45a this Sunday as we dig into God's Holiness.

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