Revival Prayer Vigil Focus Notes

Our vision is to find God’s people in our community, region, nation and world.  –Acts 18:9-10


A time of personal worship of who God IS. (Psalm 100:4)
Praise Him for His faithfulness, bask in His holiness, rejoice
in His goodness.


Confess and surrender any known sins and failures.
(Psalm 66:18; 1 John 1:9)


Thank God for what He has DONE. (Philippians 4:4;
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

Supplication (1 Timothy 2:1)

Pray for:
1) Personal and family concerns
2) Our church: staff, volunteers, whomever God lays on   
                your heart.
3) The Trust Movement: we’ve seen a growing spirit of
               Generosity in 2016; pray that God will resource His
               vision  through His people.
           4) REVIVAL! Pray that we will “find” every person that
               we are suppose to reach in 2017

Facts About the “Millennial” Generation

  • Born between 1977 and 1995
  • Fastest generation entering the work force
  • They are tech-savvy, creative, and entrepreneurial
  • 19% agreed with the statement “Most people can be trusted”; this compares to 31% of Gen Xers, 40% of Boomers
  • 39% of Millennials have a tattoo
  • 44% believe marriage is obsolete, but put a high value on family
  • They are more progressive on social issues than past generations, but they are not necessarily Democrats
  • First generation in US history to enter adulthood in worse economic shape than their parents
  • Consider Snapchat and Facebook legitimate means of networking and socializing
  • 72% nationwide don’t attend church
  • Tend to be the opposite of the Boomer attitude of “seeker sensitive”; they are not offended by symbols and liturgy; they want to feel they have come into contact with the Divine
  • Driven by the search for meaning and purpose
  • They value authenticity over entertainment: “Don’t need a hipper pastor, but a bigger God.”
  • They value passion; they are anxious to make a difference
  • Desire “mentoring” relationships with older adults
  • 49% say they want established leaders to understand and engage the millennial generation

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