Trust Movement

You are a generous church! We've seen many examples of that generosity in 2015 & 2016, including BEST Bags, the Isaiah Project (an outreach of the Visionaries ABF), the BORN Campus projects, and much much more!

What is The TRUST Movement?
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The TRUST Movement is all about trusting God to help us be more generous so that lives can be touched and His kingdom expanded. We know our vision is to reach God's people in our community and region. How can we do that more effectively?
Could God be calling us to TRUST Him more and stretch our faith?
Are we ready for the best season of ministry yet at Hanfield?
The TRUST Movement is so ambitious that it will take every Hanfieldite to make it happen. The TRUST Movement is so compelling that it will require every Hanfieldite to make it happen!
Let's Break Through with our generosity! Let's Follow Through with our commitment to be more generous! Then we can Thrive as God continues to write stories in and through Hanfield!