A Picture of Forgiveness

Take some time before you begin to rest in silence. Let your mind settle. Silently read the passage.
Genesis 50:15-21
[If you want to read more, like I did today, read these chapters in Genesis, too: 37, 42, 45 & 50]
Read the passage again, this time aloud, listening specifically for a word or phrase that touches your heart. When you finish, close your eyes. Recall the word or phrase, taking it in and mulling it over. After a few moments, write it down. No need to write anything else, yet.
Read the passage aloud again, searching for how forgiveness is illustrated in the text. Think about what it feels like to be the forgiver, as well as what it feels like to be the forgiven. How is this expression of love meaningful to you? Briefly note your thoughts. 
Stop and listen for what God is inviting you to do or become this week. Perhaps his invitation will have to do with a new perspective on who you are in his eyes, or maybe you sense an action he is calling you to take. After your prayer, write down what you feel invited to do. 
Take time to meditate on the following quote from the Book of Common Prayer, and let it become your own, “Let not the needy, O Lord, be forgotten; nor the hope of the poor be taken away.”