Wrestling in the Night

Genesis 32:22-32
Reread the passage, but aloud this time and pause after each of the questions in the text (verses 27 & 29). Jacob, whose name means ‘manipulator’, had made elaborate plans to reconcile with Esau in a generous, peaceful way. Then he stayed behind, which  was uncharacteristic of such a quintessential deal maker. There with the night sounds and the smell of the brook, Jacob encountered ‘a man’. Was the man an angel, a God-man, Jesus? (It’s OK that we don’t know for sure.)
Picture yourself in this passage. Are you Jacob? Are you an invisible bystander watching it all?
What moment in this passage resonates with you the most?
Do you find yourself wanting desperately to be blessed?
Do you want desperately to know more of God?
Depending on what resonated with you, pray about what you desperately want from God. To avoid letting your mind wander, try writing down your prayer, listening for words form God in response.
Sit quietly before God, imagining the night sounds and the smell of the running stream. Try to be comfortable with God in this wild atmosphere. What does it feel like to trust and to reveal the desires of your heart? Be honest if you feel uncomfortable. What would you like it to feel like? Rest in that.